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Douglas DC-3 SETRC2019 Complete Set

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Douglas DC-3 SETRC2019 Complete Set


Model type: Electric transport

Designed by: Tony Nijhuis 

Wingspan: 72” (1892mm) 

Wing area: 3.5sq. ft. (0.3sq. m)  

All-up weight: 7 lb 5oz (3.3kg)

Wing loading: 33oz / sq. ft. (10kg / sq. m)

Motors: 2 x Permax 600-7.2V

Gearboxes: 2.33:1*¨Battery: 10-cell 3000mAh NiMH    (HVHC)¨ESC: 45A*


Choosing a new subject for a model is never easy, so I like to ask around and get a feel for what might interest other modellers: “How about a nice B-17,” I enquired, “or perhaps a Wellington?” Of course, the great thing about this sort of informal poll is that you can always ignore the results. Now, initially, when various parties suggested a medium-size Dakota, I don’t mind telling you I exercised my right to selective hearing because, to RC2019be honest, it wasn’t anywhere near the top of my wish list. However, RCM&E editor Graham Ashby wasn’t willing to be ignored...


Mr. Ashby, it seems, is rather a fan of the DC-3 and, like it or not, I have to admit that its long and diverse history does lend it a certain cache - for a commercial aircraft, that is. Although the aircraft has been in service for over 70 years (the prototype first flew on December 17 1935), the Douglas continues to operate in all corners of the world and has achieved an almost iconic status. It’s hardly surprising, then, that so many flyers want a model of the Dakota. On the prototype’s maiden flight, for instance, when it was still uncovered, with unfinished nacelles and a plant-pot stuck on its nose, the Dak’ was recognised with affection by the first modeller I met. “Oh, a Dakota - that’s nice. I remember jumping out of one in ‘44...” You get the picture. The upshot of all this is that Graham got his way, and his DC-3.

Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.

Set includes Plan, CNC Woodpack, additional wood pack, Canopy and Cowl. Please note complete sets DO NOT include engines, accessories, paints or glues.