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SETRC2128 Ellipse Complete Set

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SETRC2128 Ellipse Complete Set

As featured in RCM&E Janaury 2014


Set includes Plan, CNC Woodpack and additional woodpack.

About the model

Noted for his unorthodox and distinctive designs, fun fly champ Martin Bell brings something a little different to the scene.



Name: Ellipse
Model type: Fun-fl y
Designed by: Martin Bell
Wingspan: 49” (1240mm)
Wing area: 5.4sq. ft. (0.5sq. m)
All-up weight: 3 lb 8oz (1.6kg)
Wing loading: 10.4oz / sq. ft. (3.2kg / sq. m)
Functions (servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1);
rudder (1); throttle (via ESC)
Control surfaces: Aileron ±100mm (4”); elevator
±75mm (3”); rudder ±75mm (3”)
Power system: 750 – 900Kv brushless motor;
60 – 100A speed controller; 3 – 5s
2200mAh Li-Po