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Deans Marine MTB 385 (180)


Product Code: MTB 385

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Deans Marine

The third series of M.T.B.s entered service in 1944 and differed from earlier boats in having four tubes instead of two mounted on a flush deck. They had a compliment of 13 men and carried 3 Packard engines as a powerplant. Easily reaching 35 knots gave the craft the edge over many attacking vessels. They were well armed for their size, carrying a twin 20mm Oerlikon. Four 21” torpedo tubes, two twin 303 lewis guns and two rocket flare launchers.
M.T.B..s. usually lay in wait under cover if darkness with their engines off and fired their spread of torpedoes. If discovered they started the engines and tried to avoid any counter measures by sheer speed.

Details of the kit

The model is in the well know scale of 1/24 which gives great scope for detail and an easy to construct kit range of craft, based on a light weight glass fibre hull capturing the racy lines of the prototype.
The deck is of 1/8" resin bonded marine plywood fitted to the top of the rubbing strip which is moulded into the hull for easy construction.
The complete superstructure is constructed from 1mm & .5mm printed plastic, Vacformed plastic mouldings, for the carly float, gun base ring, and battery box, to speed construction. The kit is complete with running gear and along with a full set of weapons and fittings to complement the FULL SIZE PLAN and instructions.


Manufacturer: Deans Marine

Model: MTB 385 (180)


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