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SETRC2083 Airspeed Courier Complete Set

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SETRC2083 Airspeed Courier Complete Set


Set includes: Plan, CNC Woodpack & additional Woodpack.


Please note complete sets DO NOT include engines, accessories, paints or glues.


First published in RCM&E May 2011

Back to the 30's with Tim Hoopers take on a little-known six-seater

Despite being largely ignored in the annals of British aviation, the Airspeed Courier was actually something of a minor landmark with its semi-retractable u/c, and served as the predecessor to the much better-known twin-engine Oxford and Envoy.

Although the production run of 16 aicraft means it was hardly prolific, the 1933 Courier could be considered ahead of its time in several respects.
A six seater cabin monoplane, with a range of over 500 miles in standard trim and featuring the aforementioned retracting u/c, the Courier also boasted a high-aspect ratio wing of around 56" span.  The seven cylinder AW Lynx radial engine was encircled with a cowling, and endowed the Courier with a top speed of just over 150mph.  Not bad going for 1933!


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