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Eagle LO955


Product Code: LO955

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Designer: Martin Evans

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A 2-1/2in gauge G.N.R. (1) 4-4-0 steam locomotive by Martin Evans. [9]. (Model Mechanic, 1979-80).

Sheet 1 Mainframes, main horns, main axlebox, buffer beams, frame stretchers, drag beam, hornstays, driving wheels, combined frame stretcher and pump body, bogie pin stretcher, driving crankpin, coupled crank-pin, coupling rod, bushes for coupling rods, general arrangement of bogie, bogie wheel, bogie axle, bogie frame and spring attachments, bogie main stretcher, end stretcher, cylinders, port face, section through exhaust port. Section through cylinder, steam chest cover, piston and rod, front cylinder cover rear cylinder cover, piston rod gland, valve spindle gland, crossfield, slidebar, gudgeon pin, motion bracket. Slide valve, connecting rod, valve spindle, crosshead.

Sheet 2 Feed pump, crownstay, dome brush, bushes for safety valves and manifold, pump eccentric smokebox tube-plate, bushes for backhead and blowdown, valve gear eccentric, firebox tubeplate, firebox backplate and firedoor ring, stop collar, boiler, longitudinal section of boiler, eccentric rod and strap, backhead.

Sheet 3 Front buffer beam, combined frame stretcher and pump body, arrangement of steam pipes, displacement lubricator, connector (lubricator to steam tee), main horns, bogie pin stretcher, general arrangement of bogie, bogie frame and spring attachments, bogie main stretcher, main axlebox, bogie guard iron, general arrangement of cylinders, steam chest, smokebox details, smokebox door, steam chest cover, section through exhaust port, exhaust and blast pipes, petticoat pipe, blower nozzle, port face, longitudinal section through cylinder, steam pipes (exhaust piping omitted), blast pipe cap, exhaust pipe, blast pipe, end stretcher.

Sheet 4 Regulator and main steam pipe, smokebox door handles, superheater, smokebox saddle, door details, blower valve, check valve, inner dome, smokebox saddle, door details, blower valve, check valve, inner dome, smokebox front ring, turret and whistle valve, grate, dome, chimney, water gauge, safety valves, ashpan.

Sheet 5 Details of pipes on drag beam, engine/tender coupling, general arrangement and plan of tender, details of firedoor, tender horns and spring, buffers, tender wheel, tender drag (front) beam, tender frame stretchers, tender axle, tender frames, coupling hook, coupling links, tender buffer beam, tender axlebox, hornstay.

Complete set of 5 sheets.

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