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Model Aircraft

RCM&E Plans Service

Model Aircraft Plans From RCM&E

Plans – At RCM&E we are pleased to present our extensive range Model Aircraft Plans from some of the best known designers in the business, including Tony Nijhuis, Peter MillerNigel Hawes, Cyril Carr and Tim Hooper and many more. Many of our plans have proven so popular, we decided to produce additional parts and wood packs to provide you with a kit of parts that makes building from a plan much simpler.

We also own the elusive Model Aircraft X-List plans range which includes many archived designs originally published in Aeromodeller, Model Maker, Radio Modeller, Radio Control Scale Aircraft and more, so if you can’t find it here, the chances are it doesn’t exist!

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  • Designer
     Aeromodeller Staff (6)
     Alex Weiss (7)
     Bill Burkinshaw (1)
     Brian Peckham (14)
     Claus Maikis (13)
     Clive Smalley (5)
     Cyril Carr (2)
     Dave Platt (6)
     David Boddington (61)
     Dennis Bryant (6)
     Dennis Tapsfield (9)
     Dereck Woodward (8)
     Doug McHard (5)
     Gordon Rae (7)
     Gordon Whitehead (12)
     Harry W Gilkes (7)
     Ian Peacock (13)
     J Rutter (10)
     John Lockwood (4)
     John Rutter (3)
     John White (7)
     Keith Humber (17)
     Mark Bees (10)
     Mike Hawkins (7)
     Nigel Hawes (7)
     Peter Holland (10)
     Peter Miller (32)
     Ron Warring (4)
     Tony Nijhuis (12)
     Vic Smeed (22)
     Other (2293)
     Tim Hooper (7)
     Alex Whittaker (1)
  • Parts Available
     Yes (164)
  • Skill Level
     Experienced (1)
  • Brands
     My Hobby Store (1839)
     X List Plans (838)
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     Under £10 (5)
     Under £20 (2377)
     Under £30 (2668)
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     Under £60 (2678)
     Under £70 (2678)
     Above £70 (1)